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The Coffee Shop by Lauren Hunter

Hello. Here we have the very first interview on our new blog. :)
It is with Lauren Hunter, wonderful person that lives in B.C. Canada.
She has a new book called  The Coffee Shop. You can read the interview first, and then read about book.

1. Tell us about The Coffee Shop.

The Coffee Shop takes place in present day L.A. and follows the lives of Derrick Sloane and Annie Maddock. The story begins with Derrick meeting Annie in a coffee shop, they get to talking and over time a relationship unfolds, but no sooner than Derrick starts to relax and enjoy it than he wakes up to discover the whole five months was nothing more than a dream. Or was it? For the day he awakes, is the same day he met Annie at the coffee shop in his dream, and when he goes there, who should actually be there but Annie, just as in his dream. It is then that he realizes his dream was actually some kind of strange window into his future, that he had actually seen his relationship with Annie, as it was meant to happen, five months into the future. But when he unwittingly makes a comment, he hadn't made before in the dream, he fast comes to realize that he has altered the timeline, for when he dreams that night the dream picks up where it left off, five months in the future, and he sees he has somehow altered the future he will have with Annie.
Wanting the future he had before back, he tries to fix it, and every time he sees Annie while in a waking state he tries to put it back the way it was, only to make it worse, as every time he dreams of the future it has been altered more and more away from the future it was supposed to be. 
It's then that he sees two alternate timelines, and it is now that he must make the most difficult decision of his life. One that no man would want to make...

2.What motivated you to write this amazing story?
The day I started writing this novel I had planned to start a horror novel I had already plotted out, but then just as I am waking up this idea literally pops into my head. I recalled something I had heard years ago, something very bizarre by true, and I thought what a great novel that would make. But then I started thinking what if I tweak it a little, then tweak it again, and very quickly over a very short time I had the whole story plotted out in my head. I immediately sat down and started writing it and 19 days, and 85,000 words later, I was done. I can't divulge the specifics of that original idea at this time, as I am considering using it for another book as is, unchanged this time.
3. What kind of research you did before writing The Coffee Shop?
For this book, none. This story was entirely a fictitious account I created on the spot. Although I have done research on time travel that didn't play into this story in any way. I have just recently posted a blog about time travel, wormholes and paradox on my site, something I wrote about ten years ago. If you are really into that kind of thing then you will enjoy reading it. After having read it again I am considering perhaps using some of the principles in another time travel story.

4. Imagine that your book is made into movie.  What actors would play the major character in the book?
I was recently asked that same question, and originally the character of Derrick came to me immediately, then Brian took a moment of consideration, but Annie, that took me some time, thinking about all the blonde actresses and which would be perfect for the part, and then I saw her. So, for Derrick, Hugh Jackman, for Brian, Paul Bettany, and for Annie, January Jones.

5.What is your motto, that you live by?
Motto? I don't have one, I am afraid. Maybe that is what my problem is. ; )

6. If you could meet any character from another book, who would it be and why?
That answer would change depending on what story I am reading. I am constantly being affected by the characters I read about.
And then the next story it happens again.

7.Do you have any hidden talents?
Define talent. I have dabbled in a lot of different things, and have acquired abilities and knowledge I didn't have before. I suppose it would depend on your perspective as to you whether you would call it talent. I studied voice and can sing like an opera singer, not that I actually go sing anywhere. The reason I studied voice was for an acting career I had considered pursuing, for projection, and being able to sing is nice to add to the resume. But I am not willing to do what I am seeing so many actresses having to do, all the nudity and such...I realized if I really wanted to get anywhere with my career that it would be asked of me at some point, and I'm not doing that. I figure skated for eight years, LOVED IT!!! God I miss it. I'm an artist, you can see a small sampling of my sketches under the notes section on my page. I studied the piano and can play songs like Liebestraume, Clair de Lune, Chopin's Waltz in C sharp minor, The Entertainer, etc. But I haven't been able to play in about 6 years because of where I live, and I fear those songs are leaving me over time. Oh, and I studied Tae Kwon Do for two years. I was preparing for my black stripe test when I had to stop, as I was taking a full load of courses at college, and there literally wasn't enough hours in the day to do both.

8. Are you working on some other projects right now? Will you tell us something more about them?
I have a number of novels and short stories that have been accepted for publication, I have a Regency trilogy being release very soon at Musa, as well as three horror short stories. I have a sci-fi I am hoping to find a home for. For those unfamiliar with Regencies, those take place in England during the Regency period, 1811-1820. Those tend to be based on humour, wit and misunderstanding, although there can be aspects of smuggling or war etc. I have put a ghost into all three of mine. The sci-fi is about a girl with strange abilities that no one can explain, she can read people's minds and move objects with her thoughts etc. She is in hiding but when discovered by a secret government agency she is taken to a facility for the next nine years and experimented on. But when her abilities vanish one day they release her to go live with a grandmother she never knew existed. However, four years later all her abilities mysteriously reappear, and she runs, knowing they will take her back should they find her. Desperately trying to find her origins, and explain why she is the way she is, she discovers the truth about who and what she really is, and her destiny because of it.

Right now I am working on a horror novel about an affair gone wrong. The girl winds up dead and when a writer comes to the cabin where it happened her ghost realizes she can send her thoughts into the writer's head. The writer assumes they are his own and uses them to write his next novel, unaware he is writing the true story of her murder. Over time the ghost comes to realize she can impose more and more control over him, and at some point decides to take him over and seek revenge.

When I am finished edits on my trilogy I will be able to finish this last novel. As for the next one it's impossible to say, I have too many ideas in my head. I have another time travel romance I'd love to launch into, and then there is a medieval fantasy I had started some time ago, then again there is a paranormal family saga already written that needs to be typed up on my computer. Too bad I am not three people! Ha! ; )

9. What are your favorite books?
My tastes are very ecclectic and go all over the place, when it comes to reading. I love the classics, Jane Eyre, all of Jane Austen's books, Nietzsche, Homer, Dante, Stephen King, Nicholas I say, I'm all over the place.

10. What would you recommend to the people who have ideas for book, and are thinking to write a book? 
If you are just starting out and have no experience at all, the usual advice is to take all the courses at school you can. Take night school classes, or weekend workshops, read in your genre, a LOT! Join writer's groups, reads books on editing and grammar, read books on how to write a novel. Do your research.

If you are really serious about it you will want to do all these things, you will enjoy them and devour them and want more. Practice your craft, take it to a group and get advice. Talk to your teachers about your stories and get their personal views and suggestions about how to improve. Write, a lot, and don't stop. Hone your craft.

Then once you feel you have a story, finish it, and polish it again, and again. Then go to the library and sign out The Writer's Market. This lists virtually all the publishers in the business. This book not only lists them but gives you advice, information, and details how to set up your manuscript depending on whether it's a short story, novel, poetry. The book details who is accepting, and exactly what you should send, when to send it, who to send it to. Do your research, know your stuff. Then start sending them out.

Pay attention to which publishers accept multiple submissions or simultaneous submissions, this is important, and pay attention to how much wait time you are looking at. Some publishers will not accept simultaneous submissions, and take a year to get back to you. So this is a decision you have to make. When you get rejections, if they make suggestions, take them into account and apply them before you send out again.

And never give up!

The Coffee Shop
Twice fate has brought Derrick Sloane and Annie Maddock together in the same place, but will fate now be the one to tear them apart.
From the moment Derrick Sloane and Annie Maddock met there was an instant connection. They date for five months, growing closer every day.

Only Derrick wakes up to discover the entire five month relationship was nothing more than a dream. Or was it? For when he goes to the coffee shop who should be there but Annie, just as in his dream. Derrick soon realizes he was seeing a relationship with Annie five months into the future. That night the dream continues right where it left off, five months in the future, but his meeting with Annie that day has altered the timeline. Every day he spends with Annie, he continues to alter the timeline of his future. Although Derrick tries desperately to put everything back to the way it was in his dream, every attempt just makes it worse.

And when he is shown two alternate timelines, he must now make the most difficult decision of his life.

There was a rap at the door. “Your hot chocolate is ready.”

“Thanks, I’ll be right down.”

There was a pause. “You sure you’re all right?”

“Why do you keep asking me that?”

“Oh, I don’t know. I can hear something in your voice.”

“In my voice? What are you, part dog or something?”

Derrick  chuckled.  “There might be a girl from college that may just agree with you on that.” Again there was a pause. “May I come in?”

“Actually, I was about to get dressed.”

“So, you’re saying you’re not decent?”

“No, I’m wearing a bathrobe.”

“Well good, because I’m coming in.”

“No, Derrick…” But he had already opened the door, and setting the cocoa
aside he came over standing before her as she sat on the bed.

“Okay, now I know something’s wrong. Annie, why didn’t you tell me how bad you hurt yourself?”

“It’s not that bad. I’m not about to make a big deal out of nothing.”

“You don’t need to be brave for me. If anything it’s really important that you be as honest as you can, with both yourself, and me, about this. I don’t want you doing any more damage because you are trying to force yourself to do something you shouldn’t be.”

“All right, I’ll admit, my ankles are a little sore. I must have stretched the muscles or something.”

“It looks like they are a lot more than a little sore.”

“Well you know what they say. A sprain is a lot more painful than a break. Although that would obviously depend on the break. But I’ve sprained something, and I’ve broken something, and I’d have to agree with that assessment, the sprain was much more painful. But as far as that goes this isn’t even that bad.”

“Pain is our body’s way of telling us we are hurt.” Derrick looked concerned.

“You do realize you sound like Mr. Rogers?”

“Those people that feel you have to be in pain to accomplish something.” He shook his head.

“Well, I’ll agree with you on that score.”

“If they hurt you need to stay off them. You don’t want to make it worse.”

“You can’t be serious.”

“Well, look at it this way, by using them while they’re sore you will probably lengthen the time it takes for them to heal.”

The idea of experiencing what she was now for any longer than she absolutely had to, was not an appealing concept, to say the least. “I’ll try to take it as easy as I can.”


“Well I am not going to spend the remainder of the weekend in this bed.”

“No need.”

“What are you saying?”

Before she had a chance to reply, Derrick had slipped one arm beneath her knees, the other around her back and under her arms.

“Whoa! What are you doing?”

“Well, I would have thought that was obvious.”

“Oh, you have to be kidding me.”

“What makes you think that?”

“You are not serious.”


“What? So, you’re going to carry me everywhere?”

“Pretty much.”

“Oh now that’s just too much!”

He was already lifting her into his arms as though she was nothing, and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her out the door and onto the balcony. He was wearing a sweater but she could still feel his taut and rippling muscles beneath it. The muscles in his arms flexing against her as he carried her carefully down the stairs. The heat from his body reached through her bathrobe as she held her face close to his, the scent of soap and aftershave wafting up around her as he grasped her tightly to him. Setting her on the sofa next to the fire, he turned his face to hers. For a moment they just stayed like that, holding each other, their lips close as his eyes moved down her face to her mouth.

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