Saturday, December 17, 2011

Music TIME, again.

As I said, this blog won't be only for books, but for movies, music too.
Today I'll present you some music from my country Macedonia.
If you didn't know,Macedonia is small country, with only 2 milions of people.
It's In Europe.

We,like all the people from the Balkan, Macedonians have great songs, and singers.

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Our best male singer was Toshe Proeski, I'm sure some of you have heard about him, but he died in car accident in 2007.
His songs are listened all over Europe, and world.

This was his last song, Games without limits. If you read the lyrics careffly, you'll see that in this song, it's like he knows that he's going to die.
All of his songs from his last abum are like that. It's so so sad.

We have more female singers that are famous and have good songs.
My favorite one is Karolina.

These are some songs that I like, from other Macedonian singers:

Tell me do you like Macedonian music, and which of this songs are you favorite?

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dStrawberry said...

this is the fist time I've heard Macedonian music , well I've heard of it I think but never actually took some time to listen to it. I can't understand it but I like the last song.