Thursday, April 12, 2012

Interview Corner {4}

Today we have interview with the fun ladies from Reading Lark. :)

1.What (or who) got you into book blogging?

Andrea: I originally got into blogging when I was a moderator for a Twilight fansite and wrote for their blog on the films and actors. I really enjoyed it, but when my Twilight obsession started to wane, I decided I wanted to blog about books. So many of my friends had already started their own book blogs and were able to provide guidance. Mundie Moms, Page Turners, and Books Complete Me are all run by friends. They inspired me to take the chance and open Reading Lark. I never expected to love it as much as I do. I also sweet talked my BFF, Tevya, into helping me run the blog since I was nervous about starting the venture on my own.

Tevya: My BFF, Andrea, approached me about creating a book blog with her. I love to read so I knew that running a blog about books would be a good fit for me. I also had been so fascinated by the awesome blogs other friends had started. People are constantly asking me what I'm reading and if I have book suggestions. Now I can just point them in the direction of Reading Lark.

2.Tell us something more about Reading Lark.

Andrea: Not only do we have reviewers in several US states, but we now have reviewers in Canada and the UK. I love that reading has allowed me to make new friends who I would never have encountered otherwise.

Tevya: Andrea and I read very different types of books so we wanted to make Reading Lark a multi-genre book blog. It is one of the things I love about us that makes us different from the blogs that specialize. We actually have such a wide range of genres that we recently expanded by opening Reading Lark After Dark, a blog to house all of our 18+ reviews.

Also, I love how we are able to help indies promote their books. There are a lot of really great books that people would know nothing about and we are able to help get the word out.

3. What is your favorite fiction genre and why?

Andrea: Paranormal – Is that a true genre? If not, its still my answer. I love reading about anything paranormal and it doesn't matter to me if its fantasy, romance, dystopian, etc. I don't even know why I love it so much. I suppose its the appeal of believing in the impossible. We all need a little magic in our lives to escape to from time to time.
Tevya: My favorite fiction genre is paranormal romance. I am a hopeless romantic at heart. I love being able to experience new love over and over again with different twists and turns to it. I love falling into someone else's world and escaping from my hectic reality for a few hours in the day. The paranormal aspect brings in that other worldly element of danger and fun.

4.If you could only have the books of three authors, who would they be and why?
Andrea: This is just a mean question. I would choose Kelley Armstrong, Chloe Neill, and Andrea Cremer. First, Kelley has both YA and adult series that I love AND she has a ton of books so they would keep me in reading material for awhile. Second, I have a crush on Chloe's writing. I love it – can't get enough. She also has adult and YA series that I adore. Last, even though the Nightshade books made me angry I still love Andrea's writing style, the history elements, and her characters.

Tevya: Maggie Siefvater, Lauren Oliver, Lauren Kate - I love the worlds that they create, and their writing just draws me in, wraps me up, and takes me away.

5. Currently you have more then 1500 followers. How does it feel now when you get a new follower? (For a new blogger like me, it's fantastic)
Andrea: I always get a little jolt of excitement when we get a new follower. It doesn't matter if we have 5 or 5000 – I think I will always feel that way. It's so cool to know someone is reading your thoughts and enjoys them enough to become a follower.

Tevya: It's still exciting. No matter how many followers we get, each new follower is a thrill. And we are still building up our follower base for our 18+ blog, so it's exciting to watch that count grow as well.

6.What was your goal when you first opened your blog? Did you thought something like''I'm gonna make 1000+ followers in record time'' or ''I'm gonna make this blog popular''?

Andrea: I don't think I really had a goal when I opened Reading Lark other than to share books with others. I guess my goal was to write reviews that made people care as deeply about the characters and fictional worlds as I did.

Tevya: My goal was simply to have fun and share my favorite books with others. I had no idea that we would grow as fast as we did.

7.What character of any book would you happily be friends with?

Andrea: Hmmm, this is an intriguing question. I suppose I would most want to be friends with Merit from Chloe Neill's adult series, Chicagoland Vampires. I love everything about Merit – she's down to earth, hilarious, loves to eat, loyal, and strong. Merit will go to the ends of the earth for those she loves. The girl also loves to read. How could you NOT want to be friends with her?

Tevya: I would love to be friends with Katniss Everdeen. She is such a strong character. I could learn so much from her, and I'd love to help her see the beauty in the world that she didn't get to see.

Quick-Fire questions:
Printed or ebook?

Andrea: eBook – I still like printed books from time to time, but eBooks are so much more convenient. I like the instant gratification of the Kindle store.

Tevya: Both! Always both! I will typically buy eBook first now that I am in love with my Nook. But if it's a book that I adore, I always want it in print copy as well. Makes for a very frustrated hubby.

Faeries or Mermaids?

Andrea: Faeries

Tevya: Faeries

The Hunger Games or Twilight?

Andrea: The Hunger Games

Tevya: Both

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