Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Interview Corner {5}

1.Tell us something more about  OnceUponATwilight. How did you started it? 
Once Upon a Twilight was started 2 years ago when a few friends of mines asks that I post about my twilight adventures and what books I was reading, then one thing led to the next and a full time book review blog was created. 

2.You have a lot of followers on your blog. How do you feel when you get new followers? 
Every follower means the world to me, it shows that we must be doing something right and they liked what they saw and plan to stick around. 

3. What are your favorite books at the moment? 
This is a hard question always to answer. Let say i the last few weeks those books have been: Darkness Before Dawn, Until I Die and Tangled Tides

4. What genre you enjoy reading the most?
 Dystopian and Paranormal are pretty much equal for me. 

5.If you could change places with any book character, who would that be and why? 
Oh so many reasons to choose different books. Ok if its just for the scenery probably Tangled Tides right now since its underwater as a mermaid.

6.What book are you most exited about being released this year? 
One that I haven't read yet and Im super excited would be Insurgent.

7. What would you recommend to new bloggers like me? 
Never get greedy, things will fall into place for you depending how you treat those around you. Mingle on twitter and Facebook. Comment on other blogs and never let blogging become a job, keep it fun.

Quick-Fire Questions:
Mattched Triology vs Divergent Triology? Divergent hands-down!!!!
Stephenie Meyer vs Suzanne Collins? Stephenie Meyer all the way baby!!!
Printed vs Ebooks? Printed will never replace ebooks. 

Thanks for this!!! 


TwilightsDance said...

Thanks for interviewing me!

Anonymous said...

I love your interview corner Trajce!! What a small world...Reading Lark and Once Upon a Twilight are Twilightmom friends of mine!!!