Friday, June 8, 2012

New Era on IloveTeenBooks

Hello book lovers!How are you?
Sorry I've been out of this blog for a while, I just had to study hard for school, and keep my grades good.
Anyway, school's out! Yes, finally! Now, i'll  have more time to hang out with my friends, girlfriend, more time to read, and ofcourse more time to BLOG.
Today starts the New Era on IloveTeenBooks. What's new?
From next week, start new amazing features on our blog (memes) such as Book Of The Week, Trailer Friday, What's Next? and many more. You are wondering, how will I manage to do all this stuff, + read books and review? Well. No need to worry about that! Why?
From today on, ILOVETEENBOOKS has new reviewer and co-owner of the blog. Please welcome, our dear friend...
She's so nice. I met her on twitter, so we are twitter friends. We share the same passion for books and that's why she will be our new reviewer/co owner.
Later, we are going to see and read her first post on this blog, her thoughts about reading, and her short biography.
Excited? Hell, yeah!

Keep visiting our blog, keep commenting on posts, and most important KEEP READING BOOKS!

Untill later, goodbye :)

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