Thursday, July 5, 2012

Interview Corner: Anjana from Kindle and Me

Hii! Today, after a little while, we post a new interview in the interview corner feature. I'm so excited this time, because I feel like Anjana is such a good friend, the best book blogger, and on top of all she is so kind. Read the fun interview, and don't forget to leave a comment :)

1.What inspired you to create your blog?

Honestly, nothing really. I've been an avid reader forever and when my boyfriend gifted me a Kindle, I started reading even more than usual. I was pretty much always on Goodreads, trying to find my next awesome read and eventually started reviewing there. However, I started my blog on an impulse and didn't even think for a minute that I'd actually stick to it but once the blog followers and e-mails from authors requesting reviews started rolling in, I got really excited and surprisingly ended up loving every minute I spent working on my blog :)

2.Tell us about a favorite childhood reading memory. What was your favorite book as a child?

I read pretty much everything as a child but once I crossed the fairytale age, horror was my favorite genre; R.L. Stine's Goosebumps series to be more specific. The one book that stuck with me through out my childhood and even now is Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. I read it when I was around 9 or 10 and I fell in love. I guess I never really grew out of Fairytales =P.

Oh and I don't think I even need to mention Harry Potter. That's every kid's favorite.

3. What is your favorite fiction genre and why?

Um, tough one. I read a variety of genres and don't really have a favorite. I love everything from Mystery, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Chick Lit, Dystopia to Horror. I guess zombie novels have a special place in me.

4.If you could only have the books of three authors, who would they be and why?

J.K. Rowling - Can't imagine a life without Harry Potter.
J.R.R. Tolkien - He's the king of epic fantasy.
Richelle Mead - I simply love her books.

I can't stop myself from adding a fourth and fifth =P Sorry!

Agatha Christie - Queen of Mystery. I ❤ Hercule Poirot.

Karen Marie Moning - Because Barrons is awesome. So is Mac.

5.If you could change places with any book character, who would that be and why?

This is always changing but I just read The Golden Lily two days ago so right now, I'd love to trade places with Sydney Sage just so I could cozy up with Adrian. I'm. in. love.
Or lust. I'll take whatever I can get.

6.What was your goal when you first opened your blog?

Hmm.. it changed/increased the more I blogged but I guess the only thing I ever really wanted to do was share my love of books and reading. Eventually, I did want to improve my reviews, help authors get publicity, get more followers/increase my reach etc..(I was hoping to get 1000+ followers within a year of starting my blog but luckily it happened sooner than I thought) but mostly it's just to help readers decide on their next read.

7.What book are you most exited about being released this year?

Haha, if you had asked me few days ago, I would've screamed THE GOLDEN LILY at you but since that's already out, it's Jennifer Armentrout's Deity (Covenant, #3). I absolutely love that series.

8.Lastly, what advice would you give to someone that is interested in book blogging?

If you're serious about blogging, set yourself a goal/timeline and try to reach it (It's what I did, I'm OCD that way). Whatever the reason, don't forget that you started this because you wanted to share your love for books and also your thoughts about the books you read. In the end, it's about reaching out to the people who share the your interests so don't stress yourself out and don't push yourself. Oh also, Goodreads is a great place to network, there's tons of groups that're mainly for bloggers and would help you make friends as well as get readers =)

Thanks Anjana for the amazing answers. :)
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Lynn K. said...

Great interview! :)
I've never read HP btw. :P

Anjana Vasan said...

Thanks for having me Trajce! =)

@Lynn : Never read HP? OMG Gotta ask her now!

Bookie Bee said...

I have been following Anjana for a while now and I'm glad so glad to read this interview!

Anjana Vasan said...

Thank you! =)