Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Title: Delirium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Published: February 1st 2011

Genre: Dystopian, YA
Pages: 393
Rating: 5 out of 5

Lena Haloway is content in her safe, government-managed society. She feels (mostly) relaxed about the future in which her husband and career will be decided, and looks forward to turning 18, when she’ll be cured of deliria, a.k.a. love. She tries not to think about her mother’s suicide (her last words to Lena were a forbidden “I love you”) or the supposed “Invalid” community made up of the uncured just beyond her Portland, Maine, border. There’s no real point—she believes her government knows how to best protect its people, and should do so at any cost. But 95 days before her cure, Lena meets Alex, a confident and mysterious young man who makes her heart flutter and her skin turn red-hot. As their romance blossoms, Lena begins to doubt the intentions of those in power, and fears that her world will turn gray should she submit to the procedure. In this powerful and beautifully written novel, Lauren Oliver, the bestselling author of Before I Fall, throws readers into a tightly controlled society where options don’t exist, and shows not only the lengths one will go for a chance at freedom, but also the true meaning of sacrifice. 

My review:

 Delirium is takes place in Portland Maine in a future world where love is considered a disease. The disease is called amor deliria nervosa and scientists perform brain surgery on all citizens when they turn eighteen to cure them of the disease. The main character Lena is just about to turn eighteen, and is looking forward to her procedure. Both of her parents have died, and the cure for deliria did not work on her mother after 3 attempts. Lena’s best friend Hana is starting to rebel against the strict regulated books, music, and curfews they are expected to follow. Lena and Hana are at an after-curfew party when Lena meets up with Alex. They fall hard for each other but of course need to keep their relationship a secret. Unfortunately, Lena’s procedure date comes closer every day they spend together.

The writing in this book is inceredible. Lauren Olivers writing is amazing and very descriptive. The quoting of the Book Of Shhh in the beginning of every chapter is very original. It shows us how cruel is this society and describes the dystopian world perfectly.

One of the strongest bonds in this book is the friendship between Lena and Hana. They are best friends and have all kinds of plans of things they want to do before their procedure is scheduled. They enjoy going running together particularly. Lena worries that her friendship with Hana won’t be the same after the procedure.

The relationship between Alex and Lena is passionete and one of the best pros of Delirium. I never imagined I'd like that aspect of the book that much.

Delirium is part of a trilogy. I've already read Pandemonium and loved it! 

I'd recommend this book to every one, because It's one of my favorite books



Tabitha said...

AH! I'm so happy that you enjoyed this one... and since you've read Pandemonium I can't wait to read your review of that one!

I definitely agree about Lena and Hana's relationship being one of the strongest bonds in books... Have you read the short story Hana?

And which cover is that? I haven't seen it before. :P

trayche said...

No, I haven't read Hana :/
And this is the UK paperback cover. It's very creepy, but I love it.