Thursday, August 23, 2012

Interview Corner: Debbie Davies, author of Any Love but Mine

1.How did you start writing?
I started writing poetry and short stories at school but then stopped when I went to University. It was when I was studying for my final exams for my degree that I started writing again. I think my brain was creating the story in my head as an escape from the text books I was revising from! 

2. What is your biggest inspiration while writing?
Most of my inspiration comes from music; I can be listening to a song and I'll be thinking that fits this scene and then I'll start imagining that scene in my head and then I write it all down.

3. Can you tell us something more about your book Any love But Mine.
Any Love But Mine is the story of the youngest Erosian, Acacia Rose. It is essentially a love story full of secrets, betrayals and battles for not only freedom but also for identity. It takes place in the mortal world, Olympus and the Underworld and introduces you to characters you'll love, feel sorry for and hate!
4. Why did you decide to write about greek mythology?
There is something about the myths and legends of greek mythology that grip me! Their world is a world of opulence and mystery that provides an escape from mundane life. There is every type of character in greek mythology and I think everyone will identify with one of them. Their myths know no boundaries and that is how I wanted my writing to be; unlimited where anything is possible.
5. What are your favorite books?
My favorite series is The Demon Trappers series; but I also like Divergent, The Lux series and The Covenant Series. Two non paranormal books that I fell in love with are Beautiful Disaster and Perfect Chemistry. And one of my all time favourites is Memoirs of a Geisha.
6. What are some of your favorite authors?
Jana Oliver and Jennifer Armentrout are my two favorites!

Quick Questions:
The Hunger Games or Twilight? Two years ago I'd have said Twilight but now I have to say The Hunger Games

Favorite Quote? "If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best" Marilyn Monroe

Printed vs Ebooks? Can I have both? I really want to say printed because I'm traditional like that, but since downloading the kindle app on my phone I've read more than ever because it's so easy!

The gods forbade her to love, but love is a powerful force. Acacia has been created purely for Eros' pleasure but discovers within moments of being summoned into his presence that he has no interest in her whatsoever. Rejected, she is banished to Earth to serve as Eros' minion with the task of promoting the blissful state of love among all those around her, a state she must never indulge in with a human being herself on pain of immediate destruction. And then comes Josh, someone whose power of attraction over Acacia is so intense she will find it utterly impossible to resist him. But is he human? Is he a god? Or is he a trick of the gods? And what would happen should they kiss?

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