Sunday, November 4, 2012

Welcome, again.

 Hi there book lovers!!! It's Trayche here. Sorry that me and Zemmy weren't able to update the blog for the month of October. I've been busy with school, and Zemmy with college (she graduated!).
But here we are again, it's November and we're ready to party. No, not really. But we're ready to read and review and post and everything AGAIN! woohoo
As you can see, the blog has brand new design. I don't wanna brag but I made it (:$) Do you like it?
I really love the colors, and the menu, and I've made new pictures for our weekly features, and I can't wait for you to see them.
Hopefully, this month we'll be able to read more and review more. I have a big pile of books that I want to read, and I'm so excited!!!
Also, I hope you will be leaving more comments this month. LOL I love comments, and I appreciate you taking your time to leave them!
So, that's it for today! I totally wanted to make this post larger but I'm not some big of a talker so, I hope with the written above, you understood me. :D
For the end, shout out to my amazing friends at home. And to my fabulous twitter friends!
Greetings book lovers!


Tanja - Tanychy said...

I like the new design! :) Looks more pro so to say! :)
PS. Twitter friend is waving back :)

Anonymous said...

I Love the New Design!! Great work!!