Monday, March 10, 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Ask and The Answer by Patrick Ness

TITLE:  The Ask and The Answer
AUTHOR: Patrick Ness
GENRE: YA, Dystopian
SERIES: The Chaos Walking Trilogy, Book 2.
RATING: 5 out of 5 stars

We were in the square, in the square where I'd run, holding her, carrying her, telling her to stay alive, stay alive till we got safe, till we got to Haven so I could save her - But there weren't no safety, no safety at all, there was just him and his men...

Fleeing before a relentless army, Todd has carried a desperately wounded Viola right into the hands of their worst enemy, Mayor Prentiss. Immediately separated from Viola and imprisoned, Todd is forced to learn the ways of the Mayor's new order. But what secrets are hiding just outside of town? And where is Viola? Is she even still alive? And who are the mysterious Answer? And then, one day, the bombs begin to explode...

My Review:
God dammit Patrick Ness. What have you done to me?

I rated the first book The Knife of Never Letting Go 5 stars, because I loved it so so much! It was original and crazy awesome. After finishing it, people were telling me that I shouldn't expect too much of book two, because it's slow and not as good as the first one. WHAT? This must've been another book then, because it was freaking beautiful and even better than the first one.

It starts off right where book one ended, and that is in Haven, which now is called New Prentisstown, because Mayor Prentiss came first and well, he wanted to become a president, and he did.
I don't want to talk about the main characters Todd and Viola much. I like them, but they are not my favorite. Let me talk about the father-son Prentiss duo.

Seriously, how awesome is Mayor Prentiss? He is probably my all time favorite villain. He is such a complex character and it's so hard to guess what he is going to do next, what his next move is or what he's going to say. I love how smart he is, and how he has the power to just make us think that he's good and the other side is bad. At one moment he got even me! I admit it. I was like "This guy is good. Why does everybody hate him?". And then in the next chapter it would just hit me "Oh, there's why". But nevertheless he is just damn right smart. And evil. But I still love him.

Let me say just a few words about my other favorite character, Davy Prentiss. He is the one character that we saw mentally growing in this book. From what he started in book 1, to the things he did in book 2, he definitely made a big progress. Throughout the both books I thought that we deserve chapters from his POV, because he had it tough, this guy. All the stuff he had to suffer because of his father, damn I feel sorry for this guy.

I just can't explain how much I love this trilogy. Patrick Ness is a mastermind, I admit it. He has the power to make me feel. The Ask and The Answer ended with such a big cliffhanger and I just can't wait to see what happens in Monsters of Men. This has become one of my favorite series. It's hard to top Uglies and Divergent, but this is close. Really close.

5 out of 5 stars

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