Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Last Great Wizard of Yden by SuzanneGRogers

Today you can read the new interview with my dear friend Suzanne about her new book The Last Great Wizard of Yden
You can read som info about the book and then read the interview.

                                           The Last Great Wizard of Yden

After his father is kidnapped, sixteen-year-old Jon stumbles across a closely guarded family secret--one that will challenge everything he has ever believed about his father and himself.  A magical ring his father leaves behind unlocks a portal to another dimension, but in using it, Jon unwittingly unchains the forces of evil.  A crisis develops when a malevolent wizard transports to Earth to kidnap Jon’s would-be girlfriend.  With the help of some unlikely schoolmates, and a warrior princess from Yden, Jon embarks on a dangerous quest to free his friend and his father from the most vicious wizard the magical world has ever known.  In the end, Jon will be forced to fight for his life as he attempts to rescue the last great wizard of Yden.

1. The Last Great Wizard of Yden sounds amazing. How did you come up with the idea for this book?

Artists who create fantastic things inspire me. They seem to possess some kind of inner magic, almost like wizards. That was what first gave me the idea for this story.  In The Last Great Wizard of Yden, Jon Hansen is a sixteen-year-old artistic prodigy.  When he travels to the magical planet of Yden, he discovers everything he draws comes to life. 

2. Did you do any research before you started writing?

I didn’t do any research beforehand that I recall.  But while I was writing, I often would look for photos on the Internet that would help me describe certain locations, such as spooky tunnels, beautiful caverns or glorious gardens.

3. What part of The Last Great Wizard of Yden did you enjoy writing most?

The chapter where Jon accidentally transports to Yden might be my favorite. I enjoyed showing his amazement with the wondrous things he finds there. 

4. Are you working on other projects right now?

Besides maintaining my own blog, I write full time. I am polishing up a full-length fantasy novel right now.  After I finish that project, I would like to write a romantic fantasy.  I think that genre is very popular at the moment.

5. What are your favorite books?

Anything by the brilliant fantasy author Diana Wynne Jones. I especially love her Chrestomanci series.  I enjoy the Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson series as well. 

6.  Can you tell us one word that describes The Last Great Wizard of Yden the most?


7. What do you recommend to the readers of our blog?

Look for the magic in people, places or things whenever you can.  It’s what makes life worth living.

This novel is available as an ebook from Astraea Press, Amazon, and other outlets.


Amaleen Ison said...

Great Interview, Suzanne.
Love the look and feel of this blog :-) Excellent.

S.G. Rogers said...

Thanks Amaleen for stopping by, and thanks to Trajce for the interview!