Saturday, November 26, 2011

My obsession

Is it strange for 15 years old boy like me to is obsessed with a movie/book like Twilight?
I think not.
Like i said I'm 15 years old boy and I come from Macedonia (thats in Europe) I study 1 years high school, and it's awsome! I study very hard, but it pays off, since I have nice grades. haha
I have a lot of free time ( I don't know why, because I'm always busy with something) and I use it to hang out with my dear friends (there are more boys, and they love twlight)
I never read a lot in the past. I just used to read the school books, that i needed to read. But this summer, I started reading a lot. I read the Harry Potter series. I read the first Twilight books ( I want to read the others, but I can't buy it, and the library doesn't have the twilight books :S )
After that I read a lot of Agatha Christie's novels, which I love! I read from Nicolas Sparks, etc.
When school started I stoped reading for a while but started again. I read Crossroads (my favorite book)
With the book obsession I started to gain a lot of inspiration. And now I'm planing to write a novel. (Strange for teen boy? )
I have so much ideas that I need to write someday. I started ploting. I wrote about the characters, their looks, personality, names. And now I think I'm kind of ready to start writing. I'm waiting New Year to come, and with that the winter break from school to come (we don't study January) so that I can start writing something.
Who knows, maybe soon you will hear a lot about me and my novels hahah (i'm dreaming and fantasying a lot )
Thanks for reading this, and thanks for visiting my blog.
If you have somthing to say or ask, please coment :)
                                                    this is a photo that I made :)

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