Sunday, November 13, 2011

Music TIME!

Like I've said, this blog wont be just for books. I decided to post music, clips, movies etc.
Today I have some music recomendations for you all.
I made a TOP 5 List with new songs that I liked most.
Click READ MORE to see the List. Comment above what you think. :)

On My TOP 5 List,5th place is Love On Top, one of Beyonce's new songs.
I love this song since I heard it on Mtv VMA! When I listen to it, I always think of Beyonce and how aswome mom she is going to be.
Listen the song, and tell me what you think.

On the 4th place is British Boy Band One Direction's new song Gotta be You.
I'm 16 years teen-boy and I still like this song.  I like the music video too.
Listen and tell me what you think.

The 3th place belongs to Christina Perri and her new song A Thousand Years.
The song is very very beautiful and the fact that is one of the Breaking Dawn songs makes it even more beautiful. I love the video, especially the parts with the scenes of Breaking Dawn.

On the 2 place of my List is another Breaking Dawn song. This time is Bruno Mars' It Will Rain.
I love the story in the music video, but I would love to see more Breaking Dawn scenes.
I hope next year for Breaking Dawn 2 Soundtrack, Bruno will sing again. Maybe It Will Rain 2 part?

And finally, on the top of My Top 5 List of new songs that I like the most is Katy Perry's new single The One That Got Away.
I have to like the song and the video too. I can't find words to explain how much I love this song and this video.
Katy Perry is one of my favorite singers.

Tell me what you think about the list. Comment above if you think some song didn't deserve to be in this list. And tell us your Top 5 List of new songs you like the most.

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