Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm reading now...

This is one of my new ''sections'' published once a week where i'm gonna be telling you what am i reading at the moment.
Today I decided to tell you about a book i started reading today and it's the sixth book of the Gifted Series by Marylin Kaye.
It's called Speak No Evil.
The book tell the story of a ''gifted class'' where the kids have some special gifts. 
I really really love this books. The first one is my favorite but the other ones are cool too. Maybe, this books are written in a little childish way, for little kids (not like me, 16 years old boy) but i still love them.
I reccomend you to start reading it from the first one. You will enjoy. That's for sure.
The books are very easy to read, to follow and there is a good story in every book. 
So, start reading now. And tell me if you like it.

The book I finished reading yesterday is a whole lot different than the books Gifted.
I'm sure you have heard of it, it's from the very popular author Honore de Balzac.
And The book is Le Peau de Chagrin (Wild Ass' skin)
It tells the story of Rafael, young boy who wants to do suicide. But he buys a skin that has magical powers. Every wish he has, with the skin, it comes true. But with everywish the skin loses size. And when It loses all of it's size, when it's gone, Rafael must die.
The book is very instructive. It makes you think of your life. About your wishes, about your real needs. 
I reccomend you to start reading this book NOW!!! It is very good.
Maybe it's hard to follow, but that's the style of Balzac, a great author.

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