Friday, December 9, 2011

Something new...

This days I've been thinking a lot. I want to improve my blog with something new, something, maybe seen on the other blogs, but still new to me.
I was so thinking about starting with IN MY MAILBOX, because new authors don't send me much emails with their new work, and I send emails to authors so much. But wait, mailbox? Here in Macedonia, we usually don't have mailboxes :S
So I thought of a new title, same thing.
Via mailman, to my door.
Get it?
The mailman brings the books sent by you, new authors, to my door. In my home.
In two weeks starts out winter school break, and I have a lot of free time (when I'm not with my friends). So i want authors to send me books to review. Please, please. :)
In our library we don't have so much new books, of new authors, and those books I love the most.
If you decide to send me book for reviewing, please contact me is my mail.
Let's start with fun.
Do you like it?

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