Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hello. Sorry I didn't post so much lately. I wasn't so ecupated, but I didn't know what to post about.
I was re-reading Twilight. You know, i think that, second time doing something is always better then the first time. :D I don't know why is it like that, but.. :D
Also I started reading harry potter and the deathly hallows. And It's a biig book. I don't know if would have time to read it.
I'm waiting for  Between (Crossroads #2) to come in my house, and to start reading it. I loved CROSSROADS, and I know this is going to be as much as beautiful and relaxing as Crossroads.:)
I also want to read Divirigent and few other books, but I can't buy them. So if anyone knows of international giveaway of books, please inform me.
Also, I'm converting my ideas to words, I'm starting to write a novel.
And there goes my time.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
 See ya :)

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