Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Childe - C.A. Kunz REVIEW

So first I must say Happy Valentines Day to all of readers of this blogs, and I must apologize for not being active for a long period. I'm 16 years old, in high school and I have to study hard. So today you can read my review of The Childe, wonderful book.

Cat Colvin 
Average Teenager? 
Or Something Else Entirely? 

Cat Colvin is pretty much your typical run-of-the-mill teenager. Sure, she’s taller than most girls, has a mane of fiery red hair that’s impossible to tame, is left-handed, and her eyes are two different colors, but that’s where the differences end... unless you include the minor detail of her slow transformation into a Childe. 

High school can definitely be challenging, and for Cat it’s no different. This is especially true when she’s faced with the daunting task of trying to hide her budding Childe traits as they begin to reveal themselves at the most inopportune times. To make matters worse, her family is oddly dead set against Ryan, the boy she grows to like. But everyone has their secrets: is Ryan really what he seems to be, and what is Cat’s family not telling her? 

The Childe is the first book in this coming-of-age fantasy series which follows Cat's life through the twists and turns toward finding out whom and what she really is. Come and take the plunge with Cat into a world filled with mystery, biting humor, and the paranormal.


    So I finished reading The Childe last week and I must say I'm impressed. I never though that two authors who write together, can write such an amazing book. I loved  their style of writing, making a book so easy to read. Thanks for that. 

    So the novel tells the story of Cat Colvin, and her transformation into The Childe. I won't tell you what is THE CHILDE, read the book and you will find out. I don't want spoilers. So, she is pretty much a ordinary teenager with crazy friends.  I must say that she is very good at socialising, and has a lot of friends. Of her friends I liked the character of Matt. He is very funny, and fun. Maybe not good at girls, but still amazing friend.  Amanda was cool too, with all of her thinking.
   Other character that I liked was Taylor, Cat's brother. I can very much relate to him. He (like me) is very protective over his sister, and over reacts sometimes about what Cat does, and that's what I think every good brother should do. That's just my opinion because I often do that.
   Other thing that I liked is that we got to see this story through other points of view, and got to see what others think in a certain situation.
   Pretty much I liked everything about this book. I started reading the second book Dark Days, so wait a review soon.
   At the end I must thank Carol and Adam Kunz for sending me the books. Thank you guys. You are awsome writers, and very nice people. Thanks for the chance of winning a Kindle (on your tour). I hope I will win and start reading ebooks.
   So what do you think,  how many ''apples'' do I give to The Childe? Don't think much It's five out of five, because it's an awsome book.

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Jaime Lester said...

I have this book on my Kindle but I haven't had the chance to read it yet. I haven't read much about it, but this review makes me want to read it soon. Thanks for the review!