Thursday, March 22, 2012

CROSSROADS by Mary Ting New Cover

Today, I'm happy to post the new wonderful cover for one of my favorite books (okay, favorite! ) CROSSROADS by Mary Ting. As much as I like the original cover with the wings you can't say no to this.
Another thing about CROSSROADS is that Today and tomorrow 3/22 and 3/23 will be free to download on Kindle/Iphone/IPad. So go and download this amazing book.

At the end, I like to thank to Mary Ting, the author of CROSSROADS SAGA for everything.
Yesterday she made my day, my week and my month more beautlful. I think I know what's the best present I will be receiving for birthday this year!

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lisseth said...

OMG! thanx.I've dying to get my hands on this book and now I can read it for free on my kindle.THNX!