Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interview Corner {#1}

Hello. This is our new weekly feature, Interview Corner, where we interview great book bloggers about their
blogs, likings etc.
This week, as our honored guest, and the first to open this feature is Kathy, and her blog

What inspired you to create your blog?
The ability to sign up for ARC Tours was the reason I finally took the plunge.  At the time to sign up an ARC tour the requirement was to have an active blog that was a couple months old and had at least 30 posts.  I thought I could do that. I never thought it would be followed by anyone other than a few friends.  

What was your favorite childish book?
I loved Anne of Green Gables (still do actually)!

How does it feel when you get a new follower?
When I first started blogging it was exciting to get a new follower.  Now I don't pay much attention it how many followers I have.  I appreciate all of them but it is just a number and there are better markers for judging a blog than the number of followers they have.

We can see that you have a lot of reviews on your blogs. How do you plan your reading time?
I listen to a lot of audio books and always have a book with me.  Anytime I have free time I'm usually reading and I try to read for at least a half hour before going to be each night. 

What is your favorite fiction genre and why?
I really enjoy Young Adult books.  They are usually cleaner than adult book and very entertaining.  I enjoy clean romance & fantasy.

There are some interesting book giveaway hops. How do you come up with their names and the ideas about them?
Usually the co-host and I brainstorm to come up with something. 

What is your favorite book?
Jane Eyre 

Where do you see iamareadernotawriter in the future?
Not much different than it is right now.  I'm happy with how things are going.

                                                        PrintScreen Shot from the blog

Quick-fire questions:
Paperbook or ebook? 
If I'm reading in bed I prefer ebooks, if I'm reading elsewhere I prefer print.

Stephenie Meyer or J.K. Rowling?
If you had asked me Twilight or Harry Potter the answer would have been Harry Potter but since you asked Stephenie Meyer or J.K. Rowling the answer is Stephenie Meyer.  I was lucky enough to have breakfast with her when The Host was released and it was an AMAZING experience. 

Interviews or reviews? 

Here's a photo from her breakfast with Stephenie Meyer.

Thanks again to Kathy for doing this interview.


Inspired Kathy said...

Thanks for having me on your site today.

Anonymous said...

Fun interview!

Irene E. Jensen said...

This was a fun interview! :)

Susan Oloier said...

What a great interview! I love it when fun questions are included.

TrueOrFalse said...

Great interview. I liked how you talked about the future of your blog. Keep up the great work Kathy! And thanks for letting me know about this blog.

Kris-10 said...

Awesome interview! I love your blog and am a new follower! ♥

BookStacksOnDeck said...

Yay! Everyone loves Kathy's blog ♥!

The Every Free Chance Reader said...

great interview!

Jess said...

I remember reading Green Gables when I younger ! It was great to learn more about you, I love all the creative hops you co-host.

Courtney Vail said...

Great answers, Kathy. I love Anne of Green Gables too. The books and the movies suck me in.