Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saying Goodbye...For Now

You know that sad feeling when you finish reading a great book series, and you just want to tear everything apart and cry a little bit because it's over? Well, I didn't. Untill now. 
I've never  fully read a whole series before. I still have to read Requiem ( to finish the Delirium trilogy). I still have to read New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn to finish the Twilight series. I still have to read HP 3,4,5,6 and 7 to finish the Harry Potter series. 
But, I finished reading Uglies... I wish there were more books... 
First, let me introduce you to this series first. Uglies, is a four-book series by {the amazing} Scott Westerfeld. Set in a dystopian future where everyone who looks like we do now (normal) is called Ugly. At age 16 they get a surgery which turns them into Pretties, and pretty brainwashed., aside from everything.

If you've read my self-called reviews of Uglies and Pretties, you would get the idea of how much I loved them. After reading Specials and Extras last week, I decided to do a post with four reviews in one (since Uglies and Pretties didn't get the reviews they deserved) LOL
Now, you'll get to sort of understand why these books amazed me. And you'll understand why I recommend them to every reader. I'll try not to put any big spoilers there, since You'll get to read this books, sometime in your life. Here we go.


Uglies introduces us with Tally Youngblood, an Ugly. She wants to be a Pretty, and she'll get to be in few months. But, her friend Shay doesn't want it. Tally goes on a big journey in which we discover the new, original and amazing ideas Scott Westerfeld had in his mind. 
Right away, from the first page I got hooked!!! It just purely amazed me the kind of mind (LOL) Westerfeld has. He is so original in his ideas, and so creative. I just... want to be him!


I won't tell a description of this one, since you'll get spoiled. I'll just say that once again, Westerfeld blow my mind away! The book was so addictive!We can see how Tally's character was different from what she was in Uglies. All the ideas that he had, about the Smoke, about the New Pretty Town, about Uglyville are just so original and so creatively beautiful!!!! My favorite scenes were when we found out about the Cutters. ;) You'll now what I mean, when you read it. 


I loved Specials so much! I think it was the best one of the original trilogy. Tally was again, different than when she was an Ugly or a Pretty in the first two books! Once again, she and Shay go on a dangerous journey, and start something big, something maybe they didn't want to happen. I LOVED, just loved how the book ended. 


In Extras, we are introduced to a brand new characters, this time from a new country from Asia. Three years, after the mind-rain Aya's town is completely changed than what it was before the mind-rain. Now, popularity, fame and celebrety rule. Out of the Uglies series, this one is definitely my favorite one. Here's why. Everything, that happened in Aya's town, is like what we have today. The popular people and the celebreties get everything they want. To stay at the top, they always have to be provocative and make scandals. The book just felt real, you know what I mean? That's why I loved it the most!

There you have it. Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras. Four books that you need to read! Must! 
This books aren't just plain YA fiction. They are more than that. Every book is full of "hidden" messages. Uglies and Pretties teach us to be who we are. Not to let someone bigger than us control us, tell us what to do. Specials is very enlightening. If the world keeps doing what we do now, it might lead us to what happened at the Rusty era explained in throughout the series. 

And that is why Uglies is my all time favorite book series!

And yep, I'm saying Goodbye to this series, but just For Now. I'm 100% sure that I'll be rereading it a few more times, just to remind myself of the beautiful times I had reading these books.

I want to thank Scott Westerfeld for writing this books! You're awesome, man! 
Another big thanks to mrs. Mary Ting and mrs. Michelle for giving me the opportunity to read this books!
Finally, thank You, for reading the whole post. LOL You rock!

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Mel@Thedailyprophecy. said...

Oh, you shocked me! I saw the title popping up in my feeds and I thought you were quitting with your blog :p *pfieuw* I haven't read these books yet, but they sound pretty good! Thanks for sharing this.