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JULIE KAGAWA MONTH: What have readers said about Julie?

JULIE KAGAWA MONTH: Book Reviews, Interviews, Giveaways and more...

Welcome to another post of the Julie Kagawa Month.
Today, you will be able to read what other readers/bloggers have said about the amazing Julie Kagawa and her wonderful books.
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I've always been a fan of Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series but she actually won me over with her Blood of Eden novel. I realized her awesomeness when she proved that she could write a heroine ruled by her emotions (Iron Fey) as well as a dark, kick-ass one with Blood of Eden. 

Kagawa's world-building in her novels are always unique and her characters are easily loveable!

The Iron Fey series is one of my fave series! It's magical and enchanting - a world I love to live in! My favorite character? Grimalkin! I'm a huge cat lover, and Julie captures exactly what it is to be a cat in Grim's character. He's hilarious! And if you must know, I'm Team Ash (although I still adore Puck). ;DThe Iron Knight was by far my favorite of the series. I really fell in love with Ash in that one! Julie Kagawa is a very talented author. Not only did I love her Iron Fey, but The Immortal Rules as well. It was a fabulous and refreshing take on vampires! I highly recommend her books to fantasy and paranormal lovers!

Those people or better said authors who can make me forget about the world around me and take me into their world are favourite of mine. It's not a strange thing that Julie Kagawa is one of them. Creating a Nevernever is something I'll always be thankful for and without a doubt I'll always go back to it, even if it was in my dreams and thoughts. The whole Iron Fay was a magical journey for me like I said in my review  faries and magic was always something that I enjoyed reading about. Even though the story has its ups and downs it still was magical and that's what I was asking for. Meghan would probably never make it to my favourite character list but then again both Ash and Puck (especially Ash) will always be high on that list. I can way to continue my adventure in the next sequels of these stories. So this is my way of saying "Thank you" Julie for bringing me this world and making the child in me grow. I'll always with a smile on my face go back to Nevernever and I'm looking forward meeting you there. 


What I love about the series is that every time I pick up any of the books, it just takes me away from the stress of my life and transports me to another world, where anything can happen. Plus the excitement that you don't know what's going to happen next. About Julie: She is always on twitter & always up for a chat =D One of my favorite authors!.

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(you have to read this! it's so funny! :D)
Why do I love Julie Kagawa? Do you really need to ask that question? Do you HONESTLY believe that the question you are asking is plausible (vocab word!)? No? Good. I could give you a ton of quotes to showcase Julie's mastermind, but frankly, I just recently got a box set and haven't read it yet to VIOLATE the books. So, instead, I will tell you my top five reasons why the Iron Fey is awesome. (With gifs!) 
One: the worldbuilding I am convinced that you will never in your likely 100 years of existence meet a creature like Julie who is THIS GOOD at making a fey world seem so utterly dangerous and intriguing and mysterious and every other dark, twisted but good adjective you can think of. I'm not joking. Look at every review of The Iron King and read it. You'll see at least five out of seven reviews mention how awesome it is! Don't believe me?
Two: the creativity Who else can make Public Enemy Number One from the one thing that can kill pretty much ALL of man--er, fey--kind? JULIE! Yes, it's so true and you know it. I mean, think about how viciously insane everybody is in the story! And Razor?
Three: Ash
That is all. 
Four: Puck How amazingly AWESOME is he? Puck is hilarious, just like Julie! Julie is hilarious, have you ever seen any of the jokes she's pulled on April Fool's? Because trust me, they're hilariously painful. They rip you're heart out in the first half, and in the second half, they make you go "OMG HAHAHA" or "OMG THANK GOD!"
Five: the fact that I have to think to come up with my last reason. Like, sort through all the different things I could say, looking for the BEST POSSIBLE ONE. The characters are so tough and hilarious, the world-building was so amazing and well-done, the writing was beautiful, and the setting was so vivid. The worst thing about the Iron Fey: the ending. NO MORE FEY? NOOOO
PS—It's also possible I'd permanently attach myself to Julie's leg if I ever met her. JUST SAYING.


lisseth Torres said...

OMG!!! Eileen cracks me up ^_^!! I love reason #3 ;)

Eileen said...

Yay! Thanks for letting me freak out all over your blog! ;P I sound SOOO off my whacker compared to everybody else and how they're all like "I love this series it makes me feel so good!"

And then there's just me with my screaming and fangirling and gifs. ;P

Jessi (Geo) said...

Eileen, you over-achiever! Bahahahaa ;p
(the let me love you gif cracks me up!)

Anywho, thanks for letting me fangirl on your blog, Trayche!!! <3

Tanja - Tanychy said...

This is great! :) Thanks Trajce!! :)
Also the gif for Ash! LOL!
Huge LOL! :)