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JULIE KAGAWA MONTH: Interview with Julie

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Welcome to another post of the Julie Kagawa Month.
Today, you can read the exclusive interview I did with Julie.

1. When did you really realize that you want to be a book writer? 
It was sometime in high school, I believe.  The plan wasn't always to become a writer; I was originally going to be a veterinarian.  But then I discovered that to do be a vet, you had to know a great deal of MATH and science and biology and MATH.  And since numbers and I hate each other, I decided that maybe I'd give this writer thing a try.

2. Describe the moment when you first got the idea of writing The Iron Fey in your mind. 

The exact moment was actually in a bookstore.  I remember browsing through the YA section, and suddenly having an idea for a story about a girl who was a faery.  In the very beginning, Meghan started out as a full faery, but as the idea and the story progressed, she became the half-blood faery she is today.

3. How does it feel to have your books translated in multiple languages around the world? 

Pretty surreal.  I have a special bookshelf in my office for the foreign editions of the books, and every time I see it I have to smile.  Its awe-inspiring to know that your books are being read around the world in France or Germany or Japan.  And words cannot express my love for the Japanese covers.  Manga-style Ash!

4. You always mention your husband in the acknowledgments page. How does he help you in the writing process?
He is honestly my biggest help when I am working on a book.  I can always go to him with a problem when I'm stuck, and we'll talk it through until I get un-stuck.  Plus, he reads through the whole completed manuscript before it goes off to my editor and catches most of my grammar mistakes, though he has threatened to rip the semicolon key off my keyboard so I can't use it anymore.  I guess I like my semicolons.  :D 

5. Tell us some funny moment with some fan. 
I was at a friend's wedding, and began talking to a random stranger about YA books, which we both loved.  She started talking about this YA book about a girl who was half-faery and who went into Faeryland to rescue her brother, and I said "You mean The Iron King?"  She said: "Yes, have you read it?"  "No," I told her, "I wrote it."  Hilarity ensued immediately after.

6. What is the most fun moment you’ve had while writing a book?
I think the book I'm working on right now has been the most fun to write.  Sadly, I can't share the details yet, but I'm extraordinarily excited about the whole thing and can't wait to actu
ally share the news sometime this month.

7. Some message for your fans? 
I am just incredibly grateful for all the support and enthusiasm my fans have given me over the years.  I know I wouldn't be where I am today without my readers, and I hope I will always remember that.  So, thank you, everyone, for being awesome.

8. What’s next for Julie Kagawa? 

Well, the next book of the Blood of Eden series, The Eternity Cure, comes out this year in May, and then the second book of the Call of the Forgotten series will be released sometime in the Fall.  Of course, I do have this new thing I'm working on, but I'm not allowed to share that until later.  Hopefully I'll get to tell everyone soon!  :)  


Eileen said...

Not gonna lie, that wedding story is SO HILARIOUS. CAN I SPIN BACK TIME SO I CAN BE THERE WHEN THAT HAPPENED? :D That would be so amazing getting to be like "Yeah, so that's me" Although I can definitely see how that'd be UBER awkward.

Jessi (Geo) said...

I'm DYING to know what you're working on!!! Ahhh! And the wedding...that's awesome baha! :D